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The Life of Vickytoria

10 July
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I, although being 14 have a good insight on life, earth and beings that live here. I believe myself to be superier to the human race. I also (as you may have realised) believe myself to not be part of the human race, but simply half human. The other half of me is Elven. This is why I have the intulect of someone twice my age. Be warned, you may think that I am 14 and physically, I am, but mentally I am far older.I have two idols, one is practical, the other is unrealistic. The unrealistic one is the infamous Artemis Fowl, the practical one is none other than my big brother, Allsorts46.

"I live in two worlds, yet exist in neither", -self quote.

I'm now 18 and I still contemplate my human existance but I know elves don't exist. I am a solitary wiccan and have been since I was twelve. I still love the above quote and believe it sums up how I feel about myself quite well. I am a struggling writer but believe that one day I will be richer and more famous than JK Rowling. Just you wait and see.
I love music, art and the written word. Simply because all of these things can stir the imagination to create images and stories of it's own and that in itself is an incredible thing.
There is nothing more beautiful or innocent in this world than a child who has not yet learnt how to lie.
I love nature and the outdoors in general, particularly pure, untainted things like a fresh water stream.
I have an obsession, if you will, about freedom. This will become aparrent if you read my LJ.
I discovered (whilst working on an art project) that I have eight seperate, very different, personalities that, when mushed together, become me.
At the top of the scale we have:
Annabelle (age 25): She is like the Mother of the group, she is a positive person who does what she can in difficult situations. She is the eldest and most mature and sensible.
Eagle (age 10): She is a tom-boy. She's really rough and tumble as is any small boy. she sticks to Annabelle quite closely and she sees her as her mother.
Hawk (age 14): She is a nature loving girl. Very serious, very quiet. She is a deep thinker and is very philisophical.
Sakima (age 15): Very fit and active. Sees beauty in everything and everyone. A real sense of adventure.
At the other end of the scale we have:
Velotia (age 21(well 21 when she died but technically immortal)): A vampire. Loves the night, fire and of course, blood. Longs for a partner but pretends she needs no-one.
Kitty (age 18): Fun loving, but not in a good way. Always looking for a new thrill, drugs, sex, whatever she can get her hands on she'll take. Doesn't care about anyone but herself.
Lizzy (age 19): Sadistic. Drug addict. Likes to play 'games'. She likes to screw with people, particularly by messing with their emotions. Never regrets anything.
Suzuki (age 12): Probably the most evil of all. She seems child-like and innocent but loves to cause pain, emotional or physical makes no difference to her. No second thought nor care for anyone or anything. Likes a challenge.
Weird. I know but that's how I am. Everyday, one of my personalities will take the front seat, if you like, and be the biggest persuasion to me but the other personalties will still have their say and influence. I know it's strange but that's me.
I don't know what else to tell you, if you want to know me, all you have to do is read my LJ.